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Let's build long-term value for your company and shareholders.

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As a CEO, you’ve done it all.

You started a company from a thought. You turned your passion into a business. You’re an industry leader and innovator. You’ve done it all but you know there’s potential for more.

That’s where Polly comes in.

As an expert in investor engagement and relations, Polly turns small businesses into multi-million dollar corporations. She picks up where your expertise leaves off. She finds the magic in your message and reformulates it into dollars. She intrigues investors in ways you never explored. She converts obstacles into opportunities. She provides holistic solutions for employee, customer and company dilemmas. She’s the one you need when you want to succeed.



Polly has been innovating and helping companies build value with investors at leading companies for over twenty years.


Fostering relationships with investors is only one piece of the puzzle. From CEO coaching to company spokesperson, discover all the ways Polly can help your company skyrocket.


Check out some case examples of ways that she's helped companies reach their true potential.

You know the term: "happy wife, happy life." Same goes for investors: "happy investment, happy assessment."

The truth is, investors can determine the life of your company. Is it worth their time? Is it worth their dollar?

Dubbed the “investor whisperer”, Polly taps into her 30+ years of investor relations and tech company expertise to humanize your company messaging into something that excites to your target investors. When you have happy investors, you have happy employees, happy customers, happy company, and of course - happy life.


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Credibility is everything. Take a peek at some of Polly's past and present clients.


"She has an uncanny ability to cut through the noise and find genuine qualities in both companies and people, and then market them with convincing clarity."

— Andrew Homer, Director of Business Development and Technology Alliances at RSA Security

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Case Examples



"Her ability to engage with EMC’s most senior executives and maintain tight relationships with the industry’s most respected financial analysts was as astonishing as it was critical for success." 

-Bob Madaio, Proven Marketing and Alliances Executive